Artist Statement


self portrait

Welcome, I hope you enjoy viewing my paintings.  Making art transports me to another place, like reading a good novel or going for a long run.  The main focus of my work is a celebration of the overpowering beauty I see around me, be it nature, architecture or family and friends.

 I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with an emphasis in ceramics. My art education was very weak in painting instruction.  I did try several times, without success,  to get into the one watercolor class offered at my university.  Then, about 15 years ago, when a ceramics studio was not available to me, I picked up a few watercolor instruction books and began teaching myself.  Since then, I have taken several weeklong watercolor workshops, as well as three or four  12-week classes at the artist school in my city.

I am certified to teach art to children grades K-12.  Currently I teach watercolor to seniors.

If you see a piece that interests you please contact me at

Thank you for your interest in my artwork!